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The Serra Club of DuPage County has been encouraging and fostering vocations to the priesthood and religious life through prayer and active fellowship since 1958.

New members are welcome!

Membership Requirements

Serra Club members shall:

be practicing Catholic lay men or women or permanent deacons;

be able to assume the attendance, membership and financial obligations of a Serran, as outlined in the Serra International Bylaws (click “Dues & Meetings” above);

reside or work within the territorial limits of the club;

have the ability and willingness to grow in Serra, both intellectually and spiritually;

have the essential motivation or contribute actively to the work of Serra and the fulfillment of its purposes;

have a marked potential for Christian leadership as demonstrated by their interest in a devotion to the problems of the church and community in the world today

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The spirit of Serra stems from Christian charity and love and God’s admonitions, “Go teach all nations” and “Pray, therefore, to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into His vineyard.” It is developed through program participation and the spiritual works of the members. It encourages Serrans to know each other more intimately and to grow spiritually through enduring Christian friendships. It makes Serra camaraderie one of the outstanding features of every Serra gathering including International conventions, district meetings and annual retreats.

The spirit of Serra is not something that can be shared by lectures or reading. It grows in the new member as he or she follows the example of those who are Serrans.

Email: Denise Meola at for more information.