Prayer Booklets & Seminarian Cards

Use the form below to purchase our Seminarian Cards, Prayer Cards and Prayer Booklets. For those that would like to pay by check, you can download the form as a PDF to mail along with your check: [PDF] Mail-In Order Form

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  • Prayer Booklets

    $5.00 / copy
  • Price: $5.00
  • Seminarian Cards

    Choose between packs with one seminarian (25 card packs) OR packs with all seminarians plus the Vocations Director (30 card packs)
  • Single Seminarian (specify last name of seminarian below)
    Price: $7.00
  • For 25 Card Seminarian Packs, specify the Seminarian's Last name
  • All Seminarians + Vocations Director
    Price: $7.00
  • 50 Prayer Card Packs

    "What is your Christian Vocation?"
  • Price: $5.00
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